Javier and the music

Emigrant, passionate about music, autodidact, are perhaps the best words to define me. First time on the stage with 8 years in Lima (Peru) discovered the magic of singing. With 17 years moved to Europe following a
Engineering studentship. Parallel to it, the world of boleros and ballads, Peruvian and Latin American folk music, classical singing, songs in german, russian, ukrainian. Soloist in several music groups and participation at concerts and festivals. Musical projects as songwriter.

Youtube Playlist:  Canta Javier

Pablo Neruda - 15 poems and 15 songs
Songs of my authorship with poems (in spanish) by Pablo Neruda. The magic and passion of his poems says it all, his verses are fire, light and charm created with a deep motivation.

Sonnet 70 y 25:
The poems are:
-Sonnet 4: You will remember that capricious gorge
-Poem 12: For my heart your chest is enough
-Poem 20: Tonight I can write the saddest lines
-Sonnet 25: Before I loved you, nothing was mine
-Sonnet 27: Unclothed, you are true as one of your hands
-Sonnet 40: It was green silence, wet was light
-Sonnet 44: You will know that I do not love you and that I love you
-Sonnet 52: You sing the sun and sky with your song
-Sonnet 66: I don’t love you but because I love you
-Sonnet 70: Perhaps I am wounded without being bloodied
-Sonnet 77: Today is today with the weight of all time gone
-Sonnet 81: Already, you are mine. Rest with your dream inside my dream.
-Sonnet 83: It’s good, love, to feel close to me at night
-Sonnet 93: If your chest ever stops
-Sonnet 97: You have to fly in this time, where?

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer - Poems and songs

Songs of my authorship with poems (in spanish) by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.
-Poem I: I know a strange, gigant hymn
-Poem XIII: Your eyes are blue, and when you laugh
-Poem XX and XXI: If ever your red lips / What is poetry? you ask
-Poem XXVI: Against my interests I must confess
-Poem XXVIII: When a hidden voice murmurs amid the shadows
-Poem XXX: A tear appeared in her eyes
-Poem XXXVI: If the story of our wrongs could be written in a book,
-Poem XL: Her hand held in mine
-Poem XLIV: I can read what is in your eyes
-Poem LIII: The dark swallows will come back
-Poem LIX: I know why it is you sigh
-Poem LXI: When my hours of sickness
-Poem LXXV: Can it be true that
-Poem LXXIX: A woman has poisoned my soul

Federico García Lorca - Poems and songs
Songs of my authorship (in spanish) with poems of the great Federico García Lorca. Project in work

Poetry and music with María Nancy Sánchez Pérez

Composer of music for Nancy’s poems. I remember the creative evenings working with her creating the musical environment to her beautiful poems. Presentations in the bookshop "Andenbuch", Cultural Center "SUSI", etc.

Water of your fruit:

My environment:

Bookshop, cultural space "Andenbuch", Berlin

SUSI Cultural Centre, Berlin

It's a music project in german. I'm lead singer and music author. The great inspiration of Denis’ poems and Andreas' arranging talent were the basis for this work.


Mach mich glücklich:


Canta Javier
Here is a ballad of my authorship (lyrics and music) entitled "Me provoca", a theme that invites the imagination.

It provokes me:

Bondi-Trío - www.bondi-trio.de
Music from Latin America, Russia and Ukraine, Tango, Bolero, Chansons, Evergreens.

Mestizo – Peruvian cumbia
The ANDEAN CUMBIA, popularly known as CHICHA, is an fusion of the columbian cumbia with the Andean music of Peru (huayno) and elements of the Rock.

Songs in Russian and Ukrainian
I`m very familiar with the russian and ukrainan culture, this has influenced my musical world.

Canta Javier (Peruvian Creole Music)
The creole music culture begins with the arrival of spanish and african people. This collection of Peruvian waltzes and polkas couldn't have been made without the musician and excellent Peruvian guitarist Juan Mendoza.

Canta Javier (Latin American Boleros)
The Latin Bolero is a musical genre of cuban origin, very popular in all hispanic american countries.  At first appeared guitar trios, then in the 1930s music groups and big band orchestras. Cuba and Mexico became the mecca for bolero musicians and singers. 

Franklin Gonzales Luján – Folklore of Peru
Quena musician well known in the Peruvian music scene. He has produced several CDs. Proud to have a long friendship with him, the number of joint performances are countless.

Bésame morenita:

Luz  y Color
Luz y Color (Light and Color), an interdisciplinary art project with eight artists on stage who weave a captivating picture of Peru with dance, music, light and colors.


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